Department "Economic Sociology"

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In UNWE, university sociology marks its beginning in 1968. Then, for the first time, the following courses started being taught to students of the Faculty of General Economics – General Sociology by Prof. Dr. Habil Mincho Semov; Economic Sociology by Prof. Dr. Habil Tasho Pachev; Demography by Prof. Dr. Habil Minko Minkov; Sociological Psychology by Prof. Dr. Habil Mincho Draganov; Methodology and Methodic of Empiric Sociological Studies by Prof. Dr. Habil Ivanka Saikova. This was a natural result of the quality jump that sociology in Bulgaria made in its development after 1968. The main premises/conditions for the development of university sociology were the following:

  1. In 1959 the Bulgarian Sociological Association was created;
  2. The first large sociological projects were developed under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Habil. Jivko Oshavkov, which become the intellectual basis of the sociological education and the professionalization of several generations of sociologists;
  3. In 1968 the Institute of Sociology was established as well as other sociological sections (Institute for Trade-union Problems, Youth Research Institute and Cultural Institute as well as other departmental units that conduct sociological and interdisciplinary research);
  4. The international recognition that Bulgarian sociology received at the VІІ Sociological World Congress, which was held in Varna in 1970, and the intellectual incitement that science got as a result of the congress.
Profile of the “Economic Sociology”
(chronological picture)
1968-69  Establishment of “Economic Sociology”section as part of “Political economy” department, Head Acad. J. Natan, and as an independent department in 1975, Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. T. Pachev; Scientific Secretary Senior Assist. Blagoi Kolev
1975-1984  “Economic Sociology” department
Head Prof. Dr. Habil T. Pachev 
Scientific Secretaries: Senior Assist. Blagoi Kolev, Assoc. Prof. K. Ramchev
1984-1990  “Sociology and pedagogic” department. With decision of the Academic Council “Economic Sociology” department united with “Pedagogic and psychology” department. The new department with Head Prof. Habil Tasho Pachev and Scientific Secretary Assoc. Prof. K. Ramchev had two structural units – “Sociology” section, Head Assoc. Prof. Blagoi Kolev and “Pedagogic and psychology” section, Head Prof. Dr. A. Nikov
1990-1991  “Sociology and political sciences” department. 
With decision of the Academic Council a new department with two sections was set up: “Sociology” section, Head Assoc. Prof. Blagoi Kolev and “Politology” section, Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Yankov. Head of the department was Prof. Dr.Habil Tasho Pachev, Scientific Secretary – Senior Assist. Valentin Valov
1991-1992  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blagoi Kolev became Head of the department, 
Scientific Secretary – Senior Assist. Andrey Nonchev
1992-1994  РHead of department - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kolio Ramchev (1992-1994), 
Scientific Secretary – Senior Assist. Andrey Nonchev (1991-1994)
1994-1995  Separation of the department in two units: “Economic Sociology” department, Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blagoi Kolev, and “Politology” dwepartment, Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Yankov


“Economic Sociology” Head of department Prof. Dr. Blagoi Kolev (1995-1998), Senior Assist. Dr. Maria Stoyanova (1998-2004)


"Economic Sociology" Head of department ass. prof Andrey Nonchev,

Scientific secretary - Donka Nikova (2011-2014), Mihaela Misheva (2017-2017)