Department "Economic Sociology"

Обновено: Monday, 26 June 2017 13:51




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrei Ivanov Nonchev

Advisory Board:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Stoianov Stoianov

Chief Assist. Dr. Mihaela Mihajlova Misheva

Assist. Dr. Marieta Borisova Hristova

Assist. Dr. Velina Kostadinova Balkanska


CSPR was established in 2016 in response to the growing need for applied research in psychology and sociology at the University of National and World Economy. The Centre is a service unit of World Economy under Art. 25, of the Higher Education Act and Art. 16 para. 1 pt. 1 of the Rules of Procedure of the World Economy. The Centre is not a separate legal entity from UNWE.

CSPR main activities are preparation and implementation of sociological and psychological research, training and consultation with theoretical and practical character in the field of economic and social life, as well as the development, implementation and evaluation of social and economic national and European policies.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

1. To carry out sociological and psychological studies and create scientific developments of the ongoing transformation of  social, economic and political processes and conflicts in the world today, emerging global, regional and national risks, crises and conflicts.

2. To develop new sociological and psychological knowledge and skills with which to increase the potential of modern knowledge in the field of economic sociology and psychology as well as in public administration.

3. To support the integration of science, education and economic practice in Bulgaria to the European and world achievements in the field of interdisciplinary research, development and implementation of public policies.

4. To promote the transfer of knowledge and experience between higher education institutions at national and international level in the field of economic sociology and psychology, to create and maintain scientific contacts with organizations from home and abroad to develop such activities and participate in the development of joint research and applied research projects.

To create dynamic project-based research teams to carry out research, expert analysis and evaluations with active involvement of senior scholars and teachers, young scientists, PhD students.

7. To assist in solving problems in practice and public management and qualification of practitioners in the field of economic sociology and psychology.

8. To support the research of students and doctoral students at the UNWE.