Department "Information Technology and Communications"

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Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Management and Informatics is the successor of the Department of Economic Management and Machining of the Economic Information established on June, 13th, 1966 by Order № 2584 of the Minister of National Education . By Decision № 327 of the Council of Ministers of July, 22nd, 1967 a new speciality is opened - Organization of the Machining of the Economic Information. Head of the Department– Prof. Dr.Rumen Dimov Yanakiev.

In 1974 the Department and its relevant speciality were called Organization and Design of the Processing of the Economic Information. Head of the Department – Prof. Dr. Atanas Yankov Ganev (1974-1976) and Prof. Dr. Angel Cyrilov Batchvarov (1976-1986).

In 1986 the Department was renamed into Automatic Processing of the Social Economic Information and respectively its speciality - Social Economic Information. Head of the Department – Prof.Dr.Angel Cyrilov Batchvarov (1986-1990) and Sergey Stoylkov Mitkov (1990-1991).

In 1991 the Department was called Department of Management and Informatics and in 1992 - Department of Informatic and the speciality became Economic Informatics. Head of the Department– Sergey Stoylkov Mitkov (1991-1993).

Since 1994 the speciality has been renamed into Informatics and since 2003 – Business Informatics.

In 2008 the Department includes the former Department of Economics and Communications Management with a section of Economics of Communications. The Department is renamed into Information Technologies and Communications with training in two specialities – Business Informatics and Economics of Communications. Head of the Department – Prof. DSc in Economy Valentin Stephanov Kisimov (since 2008 and now on).