Department "Information Technology and Communications"

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Speciality Business Informatics has over 35-year history under various names at UNWE. The preparation of students is widely profiled and includes disciplines related to the modern information technology and information systems as also disciplines of mathematics, economics, quantitative methods in management, etc.

The training provides the necessary theoretical knowledge and at the same time it has an applied character. Its purpose is to make graduates skilled to develop software products as well as to implement the activities as designing, programming, incorporation and maintenance of the management information systems serving the different levels of management bodies.

The development and exploitation of software products for service of the office and management provide for graduates a realization associated with the creation of application software and Web applications and sites, the implementation of modern information technologies in various economic activities as well as in the field of publishing systems.

The speciality graduates can work in software houses, in different fields of economic activity that in particular includes state and public administration, financial institutions and banks, companies and educational institutions where they can work as developers, administrators and incorporators of information systems, project managers and many others.