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Marketing Management Taught in English

Управление на маркетинга с преподаване на английски език

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The Master’s program in “Marketing Management Taught in English” is carried out by the “Marketing and Strategic Planning” and “Management” departments. The program is part of the field of study “Economics” and aims to develop and improve the knowledge in the sphere of Marketing, as well as the management skills of the students. In terms of content, the education in this program is a process of building specialized knowledge and skills and turning the participant in the program into an expert, capable of managing the activities and processes  in the marketing field. The establishment of Marketing as a function of modern organizations is caused by the constant need to attract and retain customers for the services which are provided. Organizations need managers, who can understand and on the basis of this to manage, including researching, analyzing, creating, developing and utilizing their relations with consumers and other elements of their environment.


Aims of the education

The main aim of the courses in the Master’s Program “Marketing and Management” is the preparation of highly qualified specialists for middle and senior management, who can formulate, research and analyze unstructured problems, relating to the marketing of the organization, who are able to develop and apply specially designed research tools; and are able to propose and justify out of the box and creative management decisions, taken on the basis of an in-depth analysis of a large number of factors influencing marketing activities in organizations with varying subjects of activity.


Additional aims of the education in the Master’s Program “Marketing Management” are the following:

  • Deepening and further developing the students’ knowledge in the field of marketing to a specialized / expert level;

  • Building / further developing knowledge and skills needed for searching, evaluating, processing and analyzing a large amount of structured and unstructured data with the aim of formulating out of the box / creative solutions to marketing problems;

  • Building / further developing knowledge and skills for middle and senior management level, such as: decision making; selection and management of human resources; leading the processes of development and implementation of strategies and programs in the field of marketing; evaluating the performance of individuals, teams and organizations based on a set of marketing metrics.


Career prospects

The Master’s Program “Marketing Management” opens the door to managing marketing activities both in commercial and non-commercial organizations. The excellent possibilities for career realization can be attributed to the knowledge, skills and competencies to analyze problems and propose working solutions.

With their knowledge, skills and professional competencies the “Marketing and Management” graduates are well prepared to hold expert and middle management positions and in the future - senior management positions in a wide range of organizations: state and local authorities (ministries, committees, agencies, regional administrations); large, medium and small companies, holdings, associations, corporations; public and private organizations in the field of healthcare, education, social services; financial institutions (banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, pension funds); trade unions and employers' organizations, branch chambers and chambers; foundations; international organizations. In addition, they can work in specialized agencies for marketing services: advertising agencies, PR agencies, media planning agencies, direct marketing agencies, consulting and auditing companies, and others.

Управление на маркетинга с преподаване на английски език

"Today's business requires new marketing and communication solutions, paths and approaches that you will find if you overcome your limitations and frameworks, and turn to the infinity of your opportunities with the master's degree programmes offered by the Department of Marketing and Strategic Planning at UNWE.“

Rosen Missov
Bulgarian Association of Advertisers

Управление на маркетинга с преподаване на английски език

"I hold a master's degree in Marketing. And now I am working as a design researcher for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, on strategic solutions related to all Azure Data products, including SQL Server, Azure Data Studio, Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics. My master's degree from the University of National and World Economy has played a key role for my employment in the United States. The new Master’s programme Marketing Management will open the doors even more for Bulgarian students to the world."

Veronica Monohan
Design researcher

Microsoft Redmond, Washington