Катедра "Медии и обществени комуникации"

Обновено: вторник, 03 октомври 2023 11:06

Medialit Lab

The Department of Media and Public Communications in its capacity as UNESCO Chair on Media and Information Literacy and Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development has signed collaboration agreements with the only two high schools in Bulgaria offering a special Media and Communications profile to their students -  "Lev Tolstoy" 96th High School and the "Aleko Konstantinov" Foreign Language High School in Pravets.

Numerous initiatives took place so far as students visited the Department's initiatives such as open lectures, podcast recording, TV studio classes, university's newspaper planner and article writing. Also, professors from the University visited both high schools for open classes and workshops.

During the academic year 2023/24 professors will teach the special school class "Media and Information Literacy" at the "Lev Tolstoy" 96th High School in Sofia.

In late 2022 a team of the UNESCO Chair on Media and Information Literacy and Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development participated in two events dedicated to the Media and Information Literacy in Bulgaria, presenting their original research: The partner meeting for good practices in the field of media literacy in Bulgaria and Germany; and the press-conference for presentation of the results of counry-wide research dedicated to the high school students' media and digital literacy.