Department "Accountancy and Analysis"

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Specialty Accounting

“Accounting” is the first officially independent economic-analytical specialty in the world. Its centuries-long development is evidence of its cognitive and applied nature, which can be found in the extremely wide range of contemporary accounting knowledge. There is no area of the social life - business, non-production, financial, etc., where accounting knowledge is not necessary. In a market economy, accounting is the main business and information system for the formulation and making of management decisions. The accounting-cognitive process has become a logical unity of basic economic research, accounting reporting and internal control over business operations, business and financial analysis of investment, production, trade and financial activities of the enterprise in their mutual relations, dependency and conditioning.

The higher education in accounting is based on global developments in the area. This reflects in the updated curriculum of the Specialty, which focuses on modern disciplines such as Financial Accounting, Banking Accounting, Insurance Accounting, Auditing, Financial Analysis, etc. The methodology of teaching is consistent with the requirements to bring the national accounting theory and practice in line with the European and world standards. The training is also in line with the Bulgarian accounting legislation in terms of the comprehensive use of systems of computer networks.