Department "Finance"

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The Department of “Finance” was established in 1920. Since 1996, with a decision of the Academic Council, it has been included in the structure of “Finance and Accounting” Faculty under the name “Finance”.

The Department team includes 3 professors (including 1 Doctor of Economic Sciences and 2 Doctors of Economics), 15 associate professors (Doctors in Economics), 6 assistant professors (2 of which Doctors of Economics), 1 senior assistant and 5 assistants (2of which Doctors in Economics). Part-time lecturers are 1 professor and 1 associate professor. The Department trains 17 PhD students, including 4 regular/full-time PhDs, 12 extramural/ part-time PhD student and 1 student with individual PhD. With its educational, teaching and research activities, the Department contributes not only to the development of economic theory and practice, but also for the training of highly qualified specialists. The academic staff has strong positions in government, NGOs and private business.

“Finance” Department carries out training in basic and specialized courses for acquiring knowledge in the field of Finance in accordance with the requirements for the degrees Bachelor’s and Master’s. The PhD training is within the scientific field “Finance, currency, credit and insurance”. The courses developed and taught by members of the Department include: Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy - first level, Public Finance, Banking, Corporate Finance, Stock Markets, Finance in Social Security, Theory of Insurance, International Finance, Management of Banking Risk, Local Finance, Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy - second level, Bank Management, Financial Management, Financial Engineering, Analysis "Costs-Benefits, Investment Portfolio Management, International Financial Organizations, European Monetary and Financial Integration.

The Specialty was accredited within the professional field of “Economics” in 2007. The educational level in “Finance” is in accordance with the requirements and criteria of leading European and world universities.

Graduates in “Finance” can find professional realization as financial managers, loan inspectors, brokers, dealers, tax inspectors, specialists in insurance, social security, customs inspectors, methodologists in finance, senior managers in public administration, members of management and supervisory bodies in banks, experts and chief experts, heads of financial services of firms, government agencies, lecturers and researchers.