Department "Finance"

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Specialty Finance

The training is carried out in two degrees – Bachelor’s and Master’s.

The educational goal of the training in “Finance” for Bachelor’s is to give students, through a system of basic and specialized disciplines, a set of knowledge and skills necessary for the work of the professional financier.

The training follows the idea of providing a solid legal and accounting preparation and computer literacy. It also provides specialized training in foreign languages.

The objectives of the training in “Finance” for Master's degree is, through a system of interrelated specific disciplines, to create and develop knowledge and skills necessary for decision-making at senior levels and carrying out research, analytical and applied, and methodological work.

The training in Master's degree is subject to the view that it should be mainly aimed at creating and developing the ability of students to perform independent analysis, to make decisions at senior management levels, to develop and creatively contribute to the scientific and applied financial practice.

Bachelor and Master graduates in “Finance” can work in the following areas: - banking system; - public administration; - capital markets; - insurance; - social insurance; - financial businesses services; - financial control; - investment companies; etc.

“Finance” Specialty also provides training for PhDs. Its main aim is to stimulate the activities on theoretical and applied research connected with the most complex and up-to-date financial problems.