Department "Physical Education and Sports"

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The sports activities in UNWE are carried out by “Physical Education and Sports” Department. It has existed since 1949 and a lot of prominent coaches have taught there, such as: Honoured Master of Sports (HMS) Georgi Stoikovski (the first Bulgarian to become an European champion in athletics), HMS Boyan Moshelov and Victoria Kolcheva (volleyball), HMS Georgi Panov and Nitula Borisova (basketball), HMS Alexander Angelov (handball), Assoc. Prof. Ivan Nestorov (swimming), Hristo Kutrovski (tennis) and many others.


At the moment, a number of renowned and ambitious sports’ specialists work in the Department, such as Master of Sports (MS) Liliana Mliakova, MS Kiril Germanliev, MS Peter Ivanov, MS Spas Stavrev and other teachers. 


Over 4000 university students – first and second year of all specialties - attend weekly classes in sports. They have the opportunity to practice an optional sport in specialized groups, which are led by highly qualified specialists. The more talented students (after selection) are included in the representative teams of the University. 

Types of sports

UNWE offers the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Tourism
  • Fitness - Bodybuilding

For students with health problems, there are classes in remedial gymnastics and physiotherapy.

The greatest pride of UNWE are the representative teams, participating in the National Championship, becoming students’ champions many times.

The representative teams in basketball and volleyball participate every year in the prestigious international tournament “Five balls” in Paris, France.

Sports facilities

In UNWE there are indoor and outdoor sports facilities in the sports’ complex "Economist", which is located near the University.

Open facilities: a football field and tennis courts.

Indoor facilities: a basketball hall, two volleyball courts, a handball court, a football pitch, a combined hall for tennis, fitness and volleyball, two rooms for table tennis, a room for aerobics and callanetics, a hall for remedial gymnastics.