Department "Political Science"

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Department of Political Science marked its beginning in the autumn of 1990 when a Department of Political Science and History including two Sections was established by the Academic Council Decision. In 1992 in relation to the UNWE reorganization in departments` structure and the unification of related departments, it was founded a Department of Sociology and Political Science including two Sections – Sociology and Political Science. In 1995 structural changes at UNWE have led to the restoration of the Faculties and Departments. At that year namely the Department of Political Science. was also differentiated as an independent division of UNWE. However, its foundations have been set up earlier in 1990 when the first academic plans of the speciality, first university courses and textbooks in Political science were elaborated. Since the inception of the Department and now on Head of the Department is Prof. Dr. Georgy Nedev Yankov.

Speciality Political Science was opened with a positive assessment by the Accreditation Council Decision of the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation (NAAA) at its session on November, 13th, 2003 (Protocol №22).

In 2008 the Accreditation Council of the National Agency started a procedure for acquisition of a programme accreditation of the whole professional field of Political Science (Political Science, International Relationships and European Studies) that had to be finished with a positive assessment to the end of the year.

In 1996 that professional field has become the first Bulgarian Department of Political Science and member of the European Consortium in Political Research. In August 1999 in the Consortium journal “European Journal of Political Research” the Department has been described as “the most significant Department of Political Science in Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe”.

In the autumn of 2010 the Department celebrated the 20th Anniversary from its foundation.