Department "Marketing and Strategic Planning"

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As a branch of the University of National and World Economy, the Department of “Marketing and Strategic Planning” is the successor of the traditions, established in the “Free University of Political and Social Sciences” (Balkan Middle East Institute) in 1920. In 1940 it was transformed into a State Higher School of Finance and Administrative Sciences (SHSFAS). In 1947 SHSFAS merged with the State Economic Department of Law Faculty of Sofia State University (SSU). On 1.09.1948 several specialties were set up at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences in SSU, among which the “National Economic Planning” Specialty. On 1.01.1952 the Economic Faculty of SSU was transformed into an independent Higher Institute of Economics (HIE) and one of the Departments and Specialties in the institute was "National Economic Planning”, later - "Management and Planning of National Economy” and "Forecasting and Planning”. After the changes in the country in 1989, HIE was renamed into University of National and World Economy. The Management of UNWE announced a competition to develop a training documentation for “Marketing and Management” Specialty. The Department won the competition and since 1991 it has been named "Marketing and Strategic Planning” and carries out the training of students in the new Specialty. Later, based on a specialization in “Marketing and Management”, the “Business Management” Specialty was developed (now “Business Administration” under the authority of the Department of “Management”), and the new Specialty has been transformed into “Marketing”.

All these years the Department has been establishing and developing an academic spirit of professionalism due to such eminent scientists as Academician Evgeni Mateev (who is rightly called the Patriarch of the Bulgarian economic science), Corr. Mem. Prof. Dr. Ivan Iliev (Rector of the Higher Institute in the period 1975-1978), Prof. Dr. Habil. Ivan Hadjivanov, Prof. Dr. Habil. Todor Angelov, Prof. Dr. Nicola Valev, Prof. Dr. Todor Lyubikov, Prof. Dr. Habil. Constantin Gabrovski, etc.

The academic staff of “Marketing and Strategic Planning" includes twenty lecturers:

  • 4 Professors, including 2 Doctors of Economic Science and 2 Doctors of Economics;
  • 7 Associate Professors, Doctors in Economics;
  • 8 Senior Assistants, including 4 with a doctoral degree;
  • 1 Assistant.

The Department trains students in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in two Specialties within the professional field “Economics”:

  • "Marketing” - full-time for Bachelor’s degree, and full-time and distance learning for Master’s degree;
  • "Forecasting and Planning" - full-time training for both degrees

Having an accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency, the Department carries out PhD training in MARKETING (scientific code 5.02.26), and PLANNING (scientific code 5.02.17). The training is full- and part-time, there is also an option for self-training.

The Habilitated Professors in the Department, who are 55% of its academic staff, have the necessary profile and qualifications in the relevant scientific disciplines. They are proven scholars and teachers with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the fields of marketing and planning. The lecturers, who are not habilitated (45% of the academic staff) are actively involved in research and projects; some of them work in different institutions, making it possible to connect the students’ seminars to real practice. However, it is significant that 45% of the lecturers without academic rank are Doctors of Economy.

In harmony with the vision and mission of UNWE, the aim of the academic staff of the “Marketing and Strategic Planning” Department is that its graduates gain a thorough scientific training and high professional competence; develop advanced strategic thinking; be competitive and preferred partners in national and international business areas. The opportunities to achieve this ambitious goal are demonstrated in the professional realization of graduates in both fields, holding key positions in the central and local authorities, in domestic and international institutions of different nature, both in Bulgaria and abroad. About 70% of the lecturers of the Department are its alumni.

The message of the Department team to current and future students of UNWE are the words of the Bulgarian chess world champion Antoaneta Stefanova: "Only in dictionaries the word “victory” comes before the word “work”. And we will add that even in dictionaries the word“success” is after the words “effort” and “diligence”..