Department "Industrial Business"

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“Industrial Business” Department has long and rich history, and a well-deserved place among the leading departments of UNWE. Over five decades, different generations of researchers - professors, associate professors and assistants - have contributed, and still do, to the development of the sectoral economic science, to the training of qualified specialists with higher education for the Bulgarian industry and companies, to the scientific support for business and industry.

The doctoral dissertations, defended by members of the Department in recent years (respectively for "Doctor of Economic Sciences”), the growing number of members of the Department, who have become professors, the numerous developed and published monographs, textbooks, studies, articles, etc., are just part of the grounds of the quality training. At the same time, the participation of Department representatives in major scientific conferences at home and abroad, is active and beneficial; many members of the Department have had significant contribution to the development and implementation of important aspects of the country’s economic policy. Another important ongoing task of the Department's team is the consultating of the Bulgarian industry and business.

The number of graduates over the years - specialists with higher economic education in Economics of the industry, is huge, and most of them already have successful careers. Graduates of the Department and the Specialty, have occupied and held key positions in government bodies (National Assembly, Council of Ministers, different Ministries), big holding companies, banks and other financial institutions; in local government or consulting firms, etc. The Department keeps in touch and is in good relations with many of them, it also carries out business cooperation with some of them. On various occasions, connected with the training process, promotions, anniversaries, etc., the alumni are our guests and meet with the new students.

“Industrial Business” Department is responsible for the training of students in Bachelor’s and Master’s in “Economics of Industry" Specialty, and since the 2006/2007 academic year – for the new Bachelor's specialty “Business Economics”.

The highly qualified teaching staff of the Department has developed the training documentation (qualification characteristics and curricula) for the two specialties – in compliance with the new market environment, the European standards for higher education and the economic requirements of business and industry. 

The Bachelor’s specialty “Economics of Industry” is a leading specialty branch of the University of National and World Economy, with 50-years of history, with well established traditions and significant contribution to the training of economists for the Bulgarian industry. It can be characterized (assessed) as being very close to the Business Economics/Economics of the Enterprise specialty, which is studied in many Western universities (respectively in their economic faculties). 

The new Bachelor's degree in Business Economics has been developed in close cooperation with representatives of Bulgarian business, and taking into account the experience and achievements of a number of European universities in the training of Bachelors, who find successful realization in companies from different sectors of the economy, especially as business analysts.

 The Department has successful cooperation in several ways:

• with related departments and specialties in universities from a number of European countries - Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc. 
• with related departments and disciplines from universities in the country, the Department being the leading one in the initiation and carrying out of joint forums on education, research and development (R&D), etc. 
• with many Bulgarian industrial companies and banks as well as government bodies in the country.

The Cooperation in these fields can be described as particularly useful for students because of the opportunities for students’ mobility (at home and abroad), as well as for the participation of prominent foreign lecturers and industry representatives in the trainings.

The Department team carries out significant research in the area of economics and industrial companies’ management, including:

• policies and strategies for industrial development and industrial companies. 
• Innovation and investment development of companies and management of innovation and investment processes.
• human resources management and development of advanced systems for managing human resources
• competitiveness.
• entrepreneurship

“Industrial Business and Entrepreneurship” Department has created and established traditions for cooperation between students and teachers, both during and after the training process. 
Within the Department there is an Applied Laboratory, for carrying out of seminars, with modern equipment, donated by leading industrial companies and bank institutions. The Department also has its own library, with a significant number of modern and up-to-date literature (most of the publications cannot be found in the university library) on issues related to economics, management and organization of companies (respectively, innovation, investment, human resources management, management, etc.).

Students take active part in the Department activities through their NGO – “Industrial Business students’ organization ". Under the leadership of the organization, they participate in the scientific conferences and research topics, organized by the Department, with publications and developments. In 2004 and 2005 students organized themselves a “Youth Economic Forum” with the participation of students and professors from Bulgaria and abroad as well as representatives of Bulgarian business and government institutions. Furthermore, a significant number of graduates and PhDs are actively involved in youth projects in Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands, funded by EU “Youth” Programme.

In the context of the ambitious goals and the efforts of the academic management of UNWE, “Industrial Business and Entrepreneurship" Department has, and will continue to have, significant contribution to improving the training and development of research, in accordance with the standards for higher economic education in the countries of the European Union. h, in accordance with the standards for higher economic education in the countries of the European Union.