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Masters programs

Dear colleagues, UNWE and the department "Economics of Tourism", offer's the opportunity to study in our master's programs, through which to upgrade and further develop your knowledge.


1. International tourism - full time learning.

2. Management in tourism - distance learning.

3. NEW: Hospitality industry management - distance learning in English

-Тhe new program is designed mainly for foreign students from EU countries as well as non-EU countries.

- UNWE and the department "Economics of Tourism", offer еnglish language education by lectors with extensive theoretical and practical experience.

-Тhe new master's program will give you the opportunity to obtain an European diploma, which is valued in all countries of the European Union.

- We at the department "Economics of Tourism" value your time and money, and we also understand the fact that most of you are already working. Because of these facts we offer you 1 year education programs.

- In our master's programs can be studied graduates students of the Bachelor's degree in economics, as well as graduates of other non-economics.

- The department "Economics of Tourism" regularly invites guest lecturers from business to share their practical experience and knowledge.

- The disciplines are coordinated with the business, which gives proposals for specific areas depending on the market needs.

- Every student has the right to participate in the Erasmus + program, which gives him the opportunity to study in countries and universities across Europe.

- The mentioned master's programs prepare specialists for operational and managerial work in banks, stock exchanges, tour operators and travel agencies, hotel complexes, restaurants and entertainment establishments and institutions involved in the regulation of tourism, such as the Ministry of Tourism, the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and others. Also destination management organizations, airports, airlines, event companies, consulting companies, project companies, monetary and financial organizations and many others.

- Students acquire a higher level of competence with knowledge providing professional economic training and professional knowledge in the field of globalization in tourism, tourism alliances, entrepreneurship in international tourism, tourism policy, public relations in international tourism, reengineering and risk management in international tourism, international tourist transport, leisure management, organization of international tourism, e-commerce in international tourism, financial instruments in international tourism, creativity and innovation in tourism, competitive advantages in tourism, management consulting of the tour operator business, marketing management in tourism, tourist fairs and many others.

FEES for the new master's program: "Hospitality industry management"

 distance learning in English

For EU students: 950 fee per semester

For students outside the EU: 1650 € fee per semester

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