Department "Financial Control"

Обновено: Friday, 03 February 2012 14:57


The Department was established in 1976 under the name "General and Specific Control”. Since 1995, with a decision of the Academic Council it has been included in the “Finance and Accounting” Faculty under the name "Financial Control".

The academic staff of the Department consists of 14 professors, including two professors, two associate professors and seven assistant professors, one senior assistant and one assistant. The Department includes one Doctor of Economic Sciences, six Doctors in Economics and 20 PhDs. Five of its members are certified chartered accountants. Part of the training process are also part-time lecturers, distinguished experts from the controlling bodies.

“Financial Control” Department carries out scientific and methodical guidance of the “Financial Control" Specialty. The Specialty was accredited within the professional field “Economics” in 2007. The objectives, set out in the curricula for Bachelor’s and Master’s, are the result of the increased demands on the role and control as a management function in the process of European integration. These requirements determine that the level of training in the Specialty is in accordance with the standards and criteria of leading European and world universities.

Graduates in "Financial Control" can find professional realization in the control systems of public administration (National Revenue Agency, Customs Administration, the National Audit Office, the Public Financial Inspection Agency, BNB, Financial Supervision Commission, etc.) and in units of the internal control in the public and private sector (banks, insurance and social security companies, corporate bodies). However, the broad fundamental and specialized preparation of graduates, gives them a wide range of opportunities for additional professional realization as experts in the areas of accounting, finance and control.