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University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria 17.4.2019 г. ... and Nature Use, Scientific Research Centre for Social Research, Innovations and Human Resources Development, Scientific Research Centre for Business Competencies Development – Innovations and Competitiveness ...
Въпросник по дисциплина "Икономическа социология" 13.11.2018 г. ... английски език: Babbie, E. R. 2008. The basics of social research. Twelfth Ed. Wadsworth Pub Co. Becker, G. 1976. The Economic Approach to Human Behaviour. University of Chicago Press. Bell, D. 1973. The Coming of Post-Industrial Society. New York: Basic Books, Inc. Publishers Coleman, J. 1990.  ...
Учебен план МП “Социални изследвания, анализи и проекти” 22.12.2018 г. ... ИЗСЛЕДВАНИЯ И АНАЛИЗИ SOCIAL RESEARCH AND ANALYSES 60 60 0 65 5 изпит 3 M13101C0103 ОБЩЕСТВО И КРИЗА SOCIETY AND CRISIS 45 45 0 80 5 изпит 4 M13101C0104 СОЦИОЛОГИЯ НА ...
Въпросник за държавен изпит, специалност "Икономическа социология и психология" 22.12.2018 г. ... University Press Walliman, N. 2009. Social Research Methods. London: SAGE Publications                                                       ...


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5th International Scientific-Practical Conference GOOD GOVERNANCE AT LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IN DEVELOPING COLLABORATIVE GOVERNANCE 19.3.2016 г. ... . The periodical scientific journal Social Research (the articles must be written in English) is quoted in international databases (CEEOL, EBSCO, Index Copernicus). Papers should be submitted to editors via e-mail s.tyrimai@smf.su.lt. The periodical scientific journal ...


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