Department "Media and Public Communications"

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Established in 2008 as the successor of the Department of “Management of socio-cultural activities", which existed since 1990. From 1996 to 2007, it trained students - Bachelors and Masters, in the Specialty "Economics of Mass Media". In 2004 was the admission of the first students in “Journalism and Mass Media" Specialty, later, in 2008, renamed to “Media and Journalism”. In 2006 the program received an accreditation from the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation for: curricula, programs and teaching methods with high quality, comparable with the European standards; highly qualified lecturers; achievements of teachers and students in scientific and applied research, provided excellent conditions of material and technological learning environment.

The main objectives of the Department are::

  • To prepare media specialists and journalists, who can combine knowledge and competence in the field of economics, sociology, political science, management and other disciplines related to the educational profile of UNWE.
  • To provide basic training in the professional field of “Public Communications and Information Sciences”, which includes broad theoretical and practical skills in journalism and media with creative, economic and managerial focus.
  • To develop research and applied activities in the field of media and journalism.
  • To establish international cooperation in respect to teaching and research in the area of media.

Bachelors in “Media and Journalism” can work in public and private media, media structures and organizations as journalists, reporters, editors, observers, commentators, experts, etc.; in marketing and advertising agencies; to operate in third sector organizations; to carry out an independent production and publishing activity.

Form of training: regular/full-time.

Duration of training: 4 years (8 semesters).

Bachelor graduates in “Media and Journalism” can continue their training in specialized Master programs in order to strengthen and further develop their preparation, and Bachelors from other economic Specialties can acquire new knowledge in the media area, based on their economic background.

Master programmes

“Economy Mass Media" aims at acquiring knowledge in economy, funding and management of the media.

“Media and Politics” aims at obtaining knowledge in the field of politics and mass media.

Form of training: regular/full-time and distance learning.

Duration of studies:

- for specialists without economic background - 1.5 years (3 semesters)

- for specialists with economic background - 1 year (2 semesters)